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The fascial network is a layer of connective tissue that runs throughout the body and connects muscles, tissues, organs, and other important biological structures. You can think of this network as a sort of connective spider web in the sense that if one portion is damaged, the entire network is affected. In other words, if one location is damaged, then you may feel pain in an entirely different area of the body. Myofascial releasing can help you repair fascial damage and relieve tension and pain throughout your entire body. Contact Ozark Holistic Center today for an appointment!

Myofascial Release Can Help You:

  • Reduce chronic pain.
  • Release knots and other areas of tension.
  • Increase muscle flexibility.
  • Improve your mobility.
  • Promote good circulation.
  • Reduce exercise-induced muscle soreness and fatigue.

Myofascial Releasing

At Ozark Holistic Center, we utilize many different therapies in our holistic approach. As chiropractors, we take a keen interest in the musculoskeletal system. Chiropractic work has always focused on correcting the structure of the body, and one of the ways we accomplish this goal is through releasing myofascial restrictions.

Years of research have shown that the body is connected through intricate networks and layers of connective tissue known as fascia. The fascial network permeates throughout the entire body and connects distant points and supports the body’s overall structure. It is comprised of collagen and a gel-like layer that permeates throughout the entire network.

When this gel-like layer dehydrates and compresses, it causes restrictions and other problems throughout the body. Dehydration and compression can be caused by inflammation, injury, lack of movement, scars, nutritional issues, emotional stress, and many other factors. These restrictions prevent the fascia from moving or gliding normally. The resulting imbalance from the restrictions creates tension and compression in the body. This, in turn, leads to structural issues that cause pain, discomfort, and can even cause other injuries. All of this is just to say that fascial restrictions can lead to many negative effects throughout the body, and myofascial release therapy is an excellent way to begin repairing the damage.

Myofascial releasing helps by restructuring and reorganizing the areas of restriction. This promotes, healing, rehabilitation, and proper movement mechanics within the fascia neural-like network. These positive changes help to hydrate and maintain the fascial network.

Trigger points are similar to the fascia, but they occur in the muscle tissue itself. They are treated in a similar fashion, which promotes healing, blood flow, decreased inflammation, and waste removal within the muscles. We sometimes combine trigger point therapy and fascial release therapy to help our clients address fascial and muscular issues that are compromising their quality of life. We will help you determine which therapies are right for you during your first appointment.

The Importance Of Movement

Myofascial release therapy is meant to promote your health and help your fascial network heal from damage, but it’s important to ensure that you take preventative measures to maintain the network. Movement promotes healing and often decreases pain, so we recommend our clients move as often as possible in addition to performing whole-body exercises routinely. Try to get out for a walk at least once per day, and be sure to stretch if you feel your muscles becoming tight. We also recommend that our clients periodically check in with our holistic health center to ensure that their fascial network does not become damaged again.

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