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Chiropractic Care

Holistic chiropractic care combines techniques like joint adjustment myofascial release to create a wellness plan unique to each individual.
$75/15min $145/30min $220/1hr
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Aromatic Oils, Hot Stones and Heated Body Mat may be included
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Infrared Sauna

Assists with weight loss, detoxification, circulation and cardiac health

HALO Light Therapy

Assists with sleep, tissue healing, arthritis and skin complications.


contact: jess@vibranthealth-acupuncture.com
$115/90min and initial visit $80/1hr follow-up visit

Lab Work

contact for custom panels
$250/Full lab panel $220/Food Sensitivity and Hormone Testing
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Natural Facials and Skin Care

contact: morgan.the.esti@gmail.com
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Chiropractic, Fayetteville, AR

True freedom and health doesn’t come from constant medication changes and dosage increases. We address the source of your pain and ailments to create true, long-lasting results. With services ranging from myofascial releasing to lab work analysis, we address the root causes of your issues to enhance all other aspects of your life. When you’re ready for a permanent solution to your health concerns, turn to our team of chiropractic experts in Fayetteville.

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Meet The Doctor

Dr. Orie Quinn

My passion for health and wellness came from my own health struggles. I began having daily seizures for the first time in my life when I was in my early 20s. The seizures started an eight-month journey of frustration and struggles as I looked for answers amongst hospitals, doctors, neurologists, and even chiropractors. I found answers with an applied kinesiologist doctor, Dr. John Bandy, in Austin, Texas. He was able to pinpoint the underlying cause of my seizures and provide me with a nutritional plan that alleviated the seizures and helped me to feel my best.

Meet The Doctor

Dr. Gabriel Ariciu

Hi, I am Dr. Gabe, let me introduce you to my family and share my health story. Nancyann and I have been married for 8 years. We just welcomed our daughter into the world, Grace Miriam. For us, family comes first and we love to spend as much time as possible with them. We also love walking, reading, and the great outdoors. We look forward one day to having a little homestead to be in nature and raise our own locally organic food. 

My health story is fairly similar to many of our patients. I dealt with chronic migraines for over 12 years. I started getting them in High School. It would often happen on the weekends and end up with me throwing up. As the years went on they started to happen almost everyday. Excedrin was my only relief, if I took it early enough. Otherwise, I would retreat to my bedroom, lights off, and hope that I could sleep it off.

When I went to the doctor, I was given a prescription and said that was my best bet. It helped for a time, but I wanted to get to the bottom of this. While I was at chiropractic school, I took a seminar with one of my mentors, Dr. Stephen Gangemi. He found that I was gluten intolerant. I was skeptical, but I tried it. Sure enough the migraines ceased. It was not the end of my health issues, but it was a massive leap forward. Since then, I have made drastic changes to my health for the better. 

This inspired me to follow in Dr. Gangemi’s footsteps and learn from him. I have dedicated my life and over 300 hours of postgraduate education in nutrition, applied kinesiology, and functional medicine so I can effectively help my patients. I don’t want anyone to suffer for as long as I have or feel like there is no hope.


A Functional Medicine Approach

By listening closely to your concerns, our doctors design a plan to adjust your daily habits and routine to find the root of the problem. We approach problems by looking at the body and symptoms as a whole and completely connected. This is called a functional medicine approach.

With services ranging from nutritional consultations to chiropractic adjustments, we work with you to find what makes you feel better. Mental, physical, and emotional well being are crucial to your quality of life and happiness. 

By clicking on the the button below you can find exactly what to expect on your first visit and thereafter. We want to be as clear and transparent as possible to ensure you feel comfortable and safe. Briefly, we start with a consultation to determine if and how we can solve your problem. Then we schedule your first appointment and design a game plan to tackle the problem. Finally, you only pay per visit instead of locking you into a prepaid treatment plan.
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