Dr. Gabriel Ariciu

Practical Nursing Certificate
          OTC, Springfield, MO
Bachelors in Religious Studies
          MSU, Springfield, MO 
Doctorate of Chiropractic
          Logan University, Chesterfield, MO
Certified in Applied Kinesiology &
          Systems Health Care

About Dr. Gabriel Ariciu

Hey, I’m Dr. Gabe Ariciu.

I’m a husband, avid reader, scholar, weightlifter, nurse, and chiropractic physician with more than 300 hours of postgraduate education in nutrition and chronic disease support.

Many of my patients deal with chronic health problems. They tell me that they are fatigued throughout the day, or that they have very painful points on their back that prevent them from spending quality time with their kids. Like many of you, I felt the same way for far too long. I suffered from debilitating migraines that prevented me from thinking clearly and left me feeling nauseated. I would often hide in my bedroom with the lights off, hoping I could fall asleep and escape the pain. The migraines became more frequent as the years passed and I often experienced up to five per week! The only thing that relieved the pain was Excedrin, if I was lucky enough to catch a migraine early. I went to my doctor and he prescribed Propranolol and said I would need to take it for the rest of my life. He also said that I would still have migraines, but just less frequently.

I found the solution to my problem at a seminar during my chiropractic physician training. The doctor discovered that my migraines were due to an unknown gluten sensitivity, and removing gluten from my diet was all it took to completely eliminate my migraines. I’m now completely migraine-free!

With such amazing results, I was inspired to learn his technique so that I could help others find the underlying causes of their issues. I have helped many patients find joy and happiness in a renewed and healthy life, and I hope to do the same for you, too!

We built this practice because we know there is a better way to treat migraines, thyroid problems, autoimmunity, hormone imbalances, and other chronic issues. Watching my own mother deal with diabetes has sparked my passion to provide hope and lasting results to each and every one of my patients. There is nothing more exciting than hearing a patient say they no longer have pain, their stomach problems are gone, or that they now have more energy than ever before. We hear these things time and time again, so check out the website and then give us a call to learn more about what we can do for you!

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