May 23, 2018

Tire Flipping Phenomena

Orie Quinn

At the heart of our practice is individuals with pains: sometimes its back pain or neck pain, sometimes they woke up with it, sometimes they have had it for years, and sometimes it is due to a specific injury. Through the process of identifying and correcting the cause we find factors that must be addressed: food allergies, active infections, stress levels, lifestyle habits, and improper movement patterns are a few examples. Either way, identifying and correcting the cause of one’s pain leads to some amazing stories.

One such case was a young athlete that came in due to a football injury. He played center for one of the local High Schools. He had taken a hit at the end of the previous season and hurt his back. The injury took him out of the game. He spent his off season going to a Physical Therapist and a Chiropractor with the hope of getting him ready to play again. After the therapies he wasn’t in consistent pain, but when he got back on the field and started playing football again, his back started hurting again. The biggest demonstration of his problem was seen in a drill that he did in which he flipped a tractor tire. Previously he could flip it 250 yards, now he could only make it 25 yards before the pain set in.

With the examination, all neck and shoulder muscles were evaluated for proper function. Most of his neck flexors and shoulder abductors tested as weak, which correlated with the way he was hit. Treatment began with these muscle groups using fascia and joint releasing to resolve the muscle weaknesses. With each visit we saw improvement to the varying neck and shoulder muscles but little improvement with his athletic performance and when the pain started happening.

When this occurs, I know to look at other areas and reevaluate the mechanism of injury. I tested his hip, calf, and foot muscles and found a weak left gastrocnemius (calf) muscle.  With further questioning, I discovered that when he was hit, he had felt a pull in his calf and so initially there had been pain in his calf. After just a short period the pain had gone away. With this information, his neck muscles were reevaluated in different positions of calf engagement and the weakness in the neck muscle was reproduced. The ongoing injury in the calf was signaling a response in the back and neck and maintaining the injury pattern. A tapping technique was used to reset the guarding response and re-engage the neck muscles as well as fascia and joint releasing to re-engage the gastrocnemius muscle.

The results of that visit were outstanding. He could immediately feel the improvement. He went from my office to football practice and went from only flipping the tractor tire 25 yards the previous day to 250 yards that day after the visit.

A couple more visits were used to verify that the improvements held. He continued in his position as center and got back to playing football

Mom's Explanation of the Process

First let me say that I have not had chiropractic adjustments myself and I wasn’t much of a fan of chiropractors prior to meeting Dr. Quinn. My son was injured in a football game where his spine was compressed. He went thru physical therapy and chiropractic treatments and was cleared to return to normal activities after a few of months. When he started with a spring sport, he started having issues with his lower back and was not able to participate due to the pain. That is when we were referred to Dr. Quinn. Dr. Quinn was able to isolate the issue to his left side and worked to get the muscles to respond in unison so that the healing could begin. Dr. Quinn also used another therapy once everything appeared to be healed that helped the muscles to “forget” the injury. The first time Dr. Quinn performed the “thumping” on my son, we both just were stunned and didn’t ask what he was doing. Prior to this first “thumping” treatment, my son had been working out with the football team flipping a tractor tire. He was only able to flip it 25 yards before the pain would begin. After the “thumping” treatment and not knowing what this treatment was supposed to fix, my son went out and was able to flip the tire 250 yards and only quit because he was tired. At the next treatment, the thumping started and we HAD TO ASK, “What are you doing?” That is when we were told that this treatment had been proven to allow the muscles to forget injuries. BINGO! It worked. My son only had to come back a few more times just to make sure that everything was okay. Three years later, he is still pain free. I recommend Dr. Quinn to anyone that tells me about a pain that I think Dr. Quinn could heal.

Dynamic Testing

This type of performance-based injury is our specialty. By testing muscles through different movements and exercises, the position and muscle that is causing the pain response can be identified. Our bodies are designed to be dynamic and to move. A pain can be gone while sitting or standing but be horrible with movement and exercise. I’ve even had athletes come in and say that running mile number 9 is no problem, but as soon as they start mile 10 their calf starts to hurt. Every type of tissue (muscles, ligaments, bones, joints, cartilage, etc.) has a load it can handle in it’s current condition. Once that load is exceeded it will begin to cause problems.

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