March 6, 2019

Online Supplement Dispensary

Orie Quinn

For years I have seen lives change and improve through the use of supplements. I have tried many different companies and found those that I trust to be clean, pure, and effective. We have carried such brands as Pure Encapsulations, Thorne, Garden of Life, Nordic Naturals and many others for many years. These companies are most commonly used by doctors because of the great length they go through to test and validate each of their supplements. The only hold up is these products have only been available in our actual location, and we have been limited to the products we have on the shelf. I am excited to announce our own online dispensary of these trusted brands. We teamed up with Emerson Ecologics and Wellevate to give our clients access to these trusted brands any time they need them, and at a great price. All orders will always be given 15% off standard retail price. Emerson Ecologics offers other great brands as well for adults, kids and animals. Click Here to see their full list. You will find trusted brands and products you may already be purchasing.

In order to sign up and get 15% off all your supplement click the picture below and then “create an account.”

Wellevate also has an available app to make ordering even easier.

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