Leaky Gut, Inflammation, and Anxiety

Sorry it has been awhile. We got wrapped up in a few things. This will be the last article in the anxiety series. It is something close to my heart, so I wanted to give it due diligence. The last of the aspects of anxiety to look at are GABA and serotonin. Definitely two of […]

Natural Approach to Anxiety and Dopamine Dificiency

I am going to tackle anxiety from a dopamine side with this article. In some ways it is easier when we look at it from a neurotransmitter’s perspective. There are known symptoms related to a deficiency in a neurotransmitter. Like I said in the previous article, I was told I had a serotonin deficiency not […]

Anxiously Engaged: My Struggle with Anxiety

Anxiety is a crippling disorder, and many Americans suffer quietly without knowing that natural treatments are available. In today’s entry, Gabriel Ariciu, DC, shares a story about his personal battle with anxiety. If you are suffering from anxiety, then schedule an appointment with Ozark Holistic Center in Fayetteville. Our holistic health center offers chiropractic treatment, nutritional counseling, and other services that […]

Insulin Resistance, Life, The Brain, and Everything

Sorry, but the answer is not 42. My last article was on Alzheimer’s and Lyme disease. I wanted this one to focus on Alzheimer’s and insulin resistance, but I felt compelled to broaden it’s scope. I’ll start by breaking down insulin resistance and then venture into the destruction it leaves in its wake. I will […]

The Bugs that Live With Us: Gut Microbiome and Dysbiosis

Many of my patients complain of stomach problems. Some of had chronic diarrhea others have had chronic constipation. All of them have had an upset stomach of sorts. They have tried many different avenues to figure out why and I am here to rely some information on that. How many of you know that there are microorganisms on and […]

Migraines: The Bane of My Existence

I started developing migraines when I was in high school in the early 2000s. I got them periodically back then. Often on the weekend, I would feel it coming and then the excruciating pain would set in and waves of nausea. I often found myself throwing up which would bring some relief. I don’t remember […]