The Big 5: Underlying Causes Of Chronic Disease

If you have read my other articles you may already be familiar with the Big 5. You also may be familiar with the rise of chronic disease. Diseases that were once rare in our parent’s or grandparent’s generation are now commonplace. It is a complex, multifactorial issue. My goal is to provide some understanding to […]

Diabetes: A Growing Concern

Often when I think of diabetes I can’t help but think of the Wilford Brimley commercials talking about his “diabeetus.” His pronunciation is used for memes and videos but it is about a serious problem. Diabetes is a common word used today for an increasingly common disease. I am going to run through a breakdown […]

Wait, My Gut is Leaking?!?

Maybe you have heard of leaky gut or maybe not, but its prevalence today is increasing. Until recently, not much was known about it. There is a growing body of research surrounding leaky gut its negative effects. Many practitioners have known about this for a long time. Some have been very successful in treating it. […]

Intestinal Permeability: Leaky Gut’s Role In Autoimmune Disease

Chronic diseases are becoming more and more prevalent. Millions within the United States are dealing with chronic diseases. According to Cordain, et al, more than 64 million are dealing with cardiovascular diseases, 11 million have type 2 diabetes, and cancer is the second leading cause of death in America. (1) Among these, autoimmune diseases are on […]