The Relationship of Nightshades and Chronic Pain

The term nightshades is usually met with confused looks from our clients when we ask them to avoid them. So what are they and why are they such a problem? And what is the link between them and chronic pain? Nightshades belong to a plant family of over 2000 species, the Solanaceae family.  Most of […]

The Root Causes of Thyroid Disorders

The prevalence of thyroid disorders in the nation are increasing. It is estimated that 20 million Americans have some form of thyroid disease, some say it is higher than that. Many are unaware that they have a problem. They think what they feel is “normal.” Women are much more likely to develop thyroid disease than […]

A True Thyroid Problem

Before I ever met my wife, she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. She started up on Levothyroxine. Her symptoms of being too tired, getting headaches, feeling like she had no energy to do what she wanted, and changes in weight improved some and only for a period of time. In Chiropractic school, we learned of more […]

Thyroid Corrections

Thyroid imbalances have a list of symptoms: low energy, weight gain, can’t lose weight, hair lose, difficulty waking, fatigue (most often described as an inner exhaustion), anxiety, dry skin, unpredictable bowels, consistently feeling cold, and many others Importance Of History: We are the culmination of the physical traumas that we have experienced. It is very […]

The Bugs that Live With Us: Gut Microbiome and Dysbiosis

Many of my patients complain of stomach problems. Some of had chronic diarrhea others have had chronic constipation. All of them have had an upset stomach of sorts. They have tried many different avenues to figure out why and I am here to rely some information on that. So stay tuned if you are dealing with a similar […]

The Big 5: Underlying Causes Of Chronic Disease

Several years ago I had the privilege of living in South Africa. It is a nation full of amazing people. I love and miss them dearly. While there I learned about the Big 5. The Big 5 refer to some of Africa’s largest animals, the lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, and Cape buffalo. South Africa has […]

H. Pylori and Autoimmunity: The Infection 50% of the World Has

Helicobacter pylori is gram negative bacteria discovered in 1982 by scientists Barry Marshall and Robin Warren. It was found in individuals with gastritis and gastric ulcers. These conditions previously were not linked to an infection because scientists believed no microbe could survive in the stomach’s acidic environment. It was a huge discovery. Most commonly it was […]

Diabetes: A Growing Concern

Often when I think of diabetes I can’t help but think of the Wilford Brimley commercials talking about his “diabeetus.” His pronunciation is used for memes and videos but it is about a serious problem. Diabetes is a common word used today for an increasingly common disease. I am going to run through a breakdown […]

Wait, My Gut is Leaking?!?

Maybe you have heard of leaky gut or maybe not, but its prevalence today is increasing. Until recently, not much was known about it. There is a growing body of research surrounding leaky gut its negative effects. Many practitioners have known about this for a long time. Some have been very successful in treating it. […]

Intestinal Permeability: Leaky Gut’s Role In Autoimmune Disease

Chronic diseases are becoming more and more prevalent. Millions within the United States are dealing with chronic diseases. According to Cordain, et al, more than 64 million are dealing with cardiovascular diseases, 11 million have type 2 diabetes, and cancer is the second leading cause of death in America. (1) Among these, autoimmune diseases are on […]