Understanding the Gender Disparity in Autoimmune Diseases: Exploring the Connection

Diverse group of women supporting each other, symbolizing the gender disparity in autoimmune diseases and the need for inclusive healthcare.

In this blog post, we delve into the gender disparity in autoimmune diseases, examining the influence of hormonal shifts and their impact on women’s susceptibility. Discover the connection between hormone fluctuations, post-pregnancy autoimmune symptoms, and the significance of checking hormone levels, vitamin D, and iron/ferritin markers for effective diagnosis and care.

Understanding Vertigo: Unlocking the Key Mechanisms and Treatment Options

Illustration of a person with vertigo, experiencing dizziness and imbalance, seeking relief through chiropractic treatment.

Explore the fascinating mechanisms behind vertigo, from inner ear dysfunction and visual impairments to proprioceptive deficiencies. Discover how chiropractic interventions, including muscle testing and proprioceptive correction, can alleviate vertigo symptoms, providing relief and restoring equilibrium for those affected.

The Importance of Vitamin D Supplementation: Bridging the Gap for Optimal Health

A person basking in sunlight, emphasizing the importance of sun exposure for vitamin D production and overall health.

In a country where vitamin D deficiency has become a widespread concern, it is crucial to address the challenges posed by limited sun exposure and dietary habits. Discover how daily vitamin D supplementation serves as a reliable and convenient solution to bridge the gap and support optimal health, ensuring adequate levels of this essential nutrient for a vibrant and well-rounded life.

Unveiling the Crucial Role of Vitamin D in Menopause and Adrenal Health

Dive into the intriguing connection between vitamin D and adrenal health during menopause as we explore the impact of vitamin D deficiency on hormone production, immune modulation, and inflammation control. Discover the potential implications for women’s well-being and gain valuable insights into this captivating topic.

Unveiling the Power of Vitamin B2: A Solution for Chronic Dry Mouth

Explore the intriguing connection between Vitamin B2 deficiency and chronic dry mouth as we uncover the role of this vital nutrient in saliva production and oral health. Discover how a personalized approach and Vitamin B2 supplementation can offer relief and restore moisture to those experiencing persistent dry mouth symptoms.

Benefits of Infrared Light and Infrared Saunas

Infrared Sauna Picture

What is infrared?       Infrared light makes up a significant proportion of the radiation we receive from the sun. In fact, 50% of the radiation emitted by the sun lies in the infrared spectrum. We divide the infrared spectrum into two categories: Near Infrared, which lies in the 700 – 810 nm wavelengths, […]

Benefits of Massage, and getting your “Vitamin (T)ouch”

Massage Therapy

As society is driving people further apart, both through the increasing use and reliance of technology and in a post-pandemic “Zoom” world of online meetings and online dating, physical touch is going to be a nutrient that will become more and more deficient in the population. What does Vitamin (T)ouch do for us? On a […]

Ulcerative Colitis and Leaky Gut, Part 2

Last week, I introduced the topic of ulcerative colitis. I talked about what it is and the conventional and natural treatments. I also mentioned that not all treatments are created equal. In other words, just because it is natural does not mean the root cause is being addressed. Now I want to break down the […]