4 Signs You Need a Chiropractor

Are you struggling with daily neck pain? Do you sit for long periods of time at work? Does low back pain keep you up at night? There’s no shortage of symptoms caused by poor posture and musculoskeletal misalignment, and in today’s post, we’ll take a look at four of the most common signs indicating that […]

How to Avoid Lyme Disease This Summer

Avoiding Lyme Disease With the first day of summer just around the corner, you’re probably planning fun getaways and trips into the great outdoors. Lyme disease is an unfortunate risk if you’re going into the great outdoors, and in today’s entry, we’ll provide you with a few effective tips that can help you avoid it […]

A Case of Asthma

I recently had a client come in who 5 years ago, in his early 50’s, was diagnosed with asthma. He started with difficulty breathing, consistent coughing, and a feeling like he couldn’t take a full breath. It got to the point that he began to live with an inhaler, for good measure, and would need […]

5 Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is becoming an increasingly preferred form of therapy and chronic pain treatment in the United States, and studies around the world are uncovering more and more benefits each year. In today’s post, we’ll explore five of the most prominent benefits you could receive if you begin regularly scheduled chiropractic therapy. The chiropractic doctors at Ozark Holistic Center provide […]

Online Supplement Dispensary

For years I have seen lives change and improve through the use of supplements. I have tried many different companies and found those that I trust to be clean, pure, and effective. We have carried such brands as Pure Encapsulations, Thorne, Garden of Life, Nordic Naturals and many others for many years. These companies are […]

A Natural Approach to Heartburn

Heartburn: a painful burning feeling in your heart and chest. If you ever have had heartburn, then you know how unpleasant a feeling it is. I’ve even had clients come in thinking they may be experiencing a heart attack and it is simply heartburn. Often it is felt after eating, but for others it is […]

Fall Wellness Tips

Fall is officially here, and that means that seasonal colds, the flu, and other nasty bugs are just around the corner. In today’s post, we’ll provide you with a few tips that can help you stay well this fall. When you’ve finished reading this post, book an appointment with a member of Ozark Holistic Center. Whether you […]

The Words of a Lyme Disease Patient

I’ve been struggling to write about my experience with Lyme disease. I’ve started a few different variations and none of them seem to fully encompass the pain (physically and emotionally), the wide-scale symptoms, and struggle that had taken over my life. There have been so many breakthroughs in the past few years that have shed […]