May 15, 2018

A Case of Lyme Disease

Orie Quinn

While I went to school to become a Chiropractor in Dallas at Parker University, my training with Applied Kinesiology and how to really work with and help clients came from time spent with Dr. John Bandy in Austin Texas. So often I have had cases come into the office that should be difficult but because of a protocol that he found in his 40 years in practice, what should be difficult has become easier.

Early on in practice an individual came into my office diagnosed with Lyme disease. They were diagnosed with it at a young age and had experienced symptoms of fatigue, joint pains, headaches, and odd and numerous food allergies for over 10 years. Lyme disease is a complicated condition. Medically, if caught early a heavy round of antibiotics is given to eradicate the disease. If the antibiotics don’t work or were never given it can turn into a chronic condition. It is called the great imitator as it has prominent symptoms that appear like other conditions. In practice, I most often hear people assuming they have Mono or chronic fatigue syndrome.

It is transmitted by tick bites and is known for generating a bull’s eye rash, but only about 40% of individuals ever get the rash. Lyme, like some of the other tick born diseases, can have times of activity as well as go dormant and few if no symptoms are felt if it is dormant. It also further gets complicated by cross infections and increased susceptibility to molds and mycotoxins.

With all this said, this individual was not doing well, and with hopes of being happy in life and wanting to have a family, they wanted to do something.  So, we went to work. I used manual muscle testing to identify what systems seemed to be affected the most by the Lyme, what other cross infections they had, what herbs to use to help their system bring these conditions under control, and what foods they needed to remove.

My mentor, Dr. Bandy, suffered with this condition as well. He used a specific combination of herbs to alleviate his condition and so this gave me a starting point. In this case, the same set of herbs tested. Having now worked with this condition numerous times over the years, I have found the need to add different herbs or vitamins on occasion, but the core set of herbs that he found have worked every time.

The road is a long one. In this case and in every case since, it took 3-4 months for everything to turn around. For the first 2 months they felt like everything was pretty much the same: headaches, fatigue, joint pain. After the 2-month mark, they started waking up and having days that felt almost normal: energy was good, their body didn’t ache, and no headaches. These “good days” would come and go and the symptoms would return. Over the third month they began to have more good days then bad until going into month four things felt normal. They were excited and ecstatic.

Now there was still more work to be done as numerous vitamin and mineral deficiencies were found through manual muscle testing after the process. I believe these deficiencies came on because of almost a decade of battling a chronic illness, but this individual did not feel totally normal until these were corrected as well.

Life has been good for this individual since.

Because of this individual’s case and the experiences that have come since, I have been blessed to see numerous individuals get their lives’ back using these methods in working with Lyme disease.

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