June 6, 2019

A Case of Asthma

Orie Quinn

I recently had a client come in who 5 years ago, in his early 50’s, was diagnosed with asthma. He started with difficulty breathing, consistent coughing, and a feeling like he couldn’t take a full breath. It got to the point that he began to live with an inhaler, for good measure, and would need to use it almost daily. He had no history of smoking or drinking. After a couple years of using the consistent inhaler, his kidney levels began to elevate, which was believed to be in conjunction with the use of the steroids in the inhaler. He noticed that over the past year things seemed to get worse and he was having to use the inhaler more often.

He came in with a good amount of blood work, which was very helpful. After going through his history, running an exam and testing his individual muscles, the muscles related to lungs, kidney, and liver tested inhibited. These inhibited muscles were then used to identify potential vitamin and mineral deficiencies. I sent off for Vitamin D, Iron, and Ferratin levels as these correlated to the muscles inhibited. Once results came back, we began him on Vitamin D, a full mineral whole food supplement and Camu Camu powder.

Within a couple of days, the difficulty breathing greatly decreased. Within 2 weeks the symptoms were almost gone. His sleep has returned to normal as before the feeling of not being able to breath was keeping him awake. He hasn’t needed the inhaler, but he keeps it with him. The results have been fantastic.

Asthma is something we support and work with here in the office, especially when it comes on later in life or is exercise or allergy induced. Often there are just a couple of lab numbers that I want to validate. The process is usually similar though using mineral to improve the lungs capacity to filter contaminates coming in, vitamin D to increase mineral absorption in the gut, and a whole food-based vitamin C source to help in the repair process. Camu Camu is my favorite as it works wonders with seasonal allergies.

The results seem to come relatively quickly. The complete process does take time though. Even with this gentleman we are re-assessing and verifying that levels improve, and muscles activate. It takes time for the healing process to occur and for vitamin D levels to return to normal.

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