May 15, 2019

5 Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Orie Quinn

Chiropractic care is becoming an increasingly preferred form of therapy and chronic pain treatment in the United States, and studies around the world are uncovering more and more benefits each year. In today’s post, we’ll explore five of the most prominent benefits you could receive if you begin regularly scheduled chiropractic therapy.

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Five Reasons Why You Should See a Chiropractor

1. It Can Provide Lasting Back Pain Relief

Pain relief is one of the primary reasons why patients pursue chiropractic treatment. In many cases, back pain is caused by tight muscles and improper alignment. Studies have shown that in many cases of chronic back pain, spinal mobility work, various adjustments, and other kinds of chiropractic therapy are as effective and much less costly than alternative forms of treatment.

2. It Can Lower Blood Pressure

At Ozark Holistic Center, many of our clients struggle with high blood pressure, and it turns out that in some cases, chiropractic adjustments can be just as effective as medications. A 2007 study published in the Human Journal of Hypertension reported that an adjustment to an area at the top of the spine led to a significant — and lasting — drop in blood pressure. While this adjustment may not help everyone who suffers from hypertension, the initial results are promising.

3. Some Patients Can Avoid Surgery

If you struggle with chronic pain of any kind, then you have probably explored surgery as one avenue of treatment. While surgery does lead to lasting pain relief in many patients, it should be reserved as a last-resort option. In many cases, cutting inflammatory foods out of your diet, working on your mobility, and regular adjustments under the supervision of a trained chiropractor can help you manage your pain, relieve your symptoms, and avoid going under the knife.

4. Your Circulation Could Improve

Do you sit at a desk for the majority of the day? Do you exercise less frequently than you should? Americans are more sedentary now than ever before, and studies show that our circulation is suffering because of it. In many cases, chiropractic adjustments can bring your body into proper alignment and allow blood to flow efficiently throughout your body. You may have poor circulation if you frequently experience cold hands and feet, tingling in your arms and legs, or frequent headaches. If you regularly suffer from headaches and/or migraines, be sure to read through the next section!

5. Headache Relief and Prevention

Headaches and migraines are two of the most common conditions treated and managed through chiropractic care. Many headaches and chronic migraines are caused by improper alignment, muscle tension, and elevated stress levels, and all of these factors can be managed through chiropractic treatment. Some patients may need help managing their stress and anxiety before they find lasting headache relief, while others may need to work on their neck and shoulder mobility before they see significant improvements. We’ll provide you with a full evaluation and a personalized treatment plan designed to help you find relief as soon as possible.

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